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Icelyn left for 4 days of Girls Camp today! She was so excited to go, especially with all of her friends. She had to sand a hiking stick and take with her. She worked really hard on it and Dad added a few extra touches to make it special!


We celebrated Pioneer Day on July 24th. We went and watched the fireworks in town and then came home and did our sparklers. The kids had fun waving their sparklers around and spelling their names in the air.

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We spent the day at the Calgary Stampede. We rode the C Train down because the kids always get excited over the train. This year was their Centennial celebration, so it was extra packed. We had beautiful ~HOT~ weather all day long! The kids had fun watching the shows, playing the games and eating all kinds of yummy food! We love the Stampede! The kids bought cowboy hats, backpacks and won stuffed animals!

Aunt Carol and Uncle Ken had us over for a BBQ. It was so great seeing everyone and catching up.

Picture #1: Aunt Carol, Uncle Ken, Chad (Aaron’s cousin), Aaron, Icelyn, Xanthan, Soleia, Asacia and Makasia
Picture #2: The Ionel boys! Uncle Ken, Chad, Xanthan and Aaron
Picture #3: Uncle Ken, Aunt Carol, Chad, Aaron

There is an LDS Temple being built in Calgary and we were able to go and see it in it’s last stages. It is so beautiful! We are so excited to go and see it next time we are in Calgary and it is all finished!

TIM BITS! YUM! We had to go and get some Tim Bits from Tim Horton’s for the ride to Calgary. They were YUMMY!

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We spent the day at Sylvan Lake with Aunt Judy and Uncle Phil. Uncle Phil took us on a boat ride and let Icelyn and Xanthan take a turn driving the boat. The boat ride was so relaxing, Makasia and Soleia fell asleep! The kids enjoyed the water and jumping off the dock. Aunt Judy got in a water fight with squirt guns with Xanthan and Asacia. Unfortunately Aunt Judy lost that fight because her squirt gun was broken and wouldn’t squirt! Afterwards we had a BBQ. The kids cooked their hotdogs over the outdoor fire. Icelyn liked to lay on the porch swing and read. Xanthan found a frog and they all had fun playing with it.

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It was a dark, rainy day in Sylvan Lake. We went to Red Deer to get our Canadian neccessities that we have to take back home. Cheezies and Cheez Whiz, just for Aaron! Later in the afternoon it warmed up and we were able to play outside. Aunt Judy and Uncle Phil still had their flag up for Canada Day so we had to get pictures!

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We had a nice drive from Kelowna to Sylvan Lake Alberta. The scenery was beautiful!

Today we left Kelowna to drive to Sylvan Lake. We had such a wonderful time with Lee, Jack and Sheena in Kelowna. We had to get pictures of everyone together before we left.