We are the Ionel’s! Aaron and Nicolie have been married 14 years. We spent the first 5 years of marriage in Canada, and have been living in the United States for the last 9 years. Aaron currently works at RAM Company and Nicolie works part time at Hart’s and attends Dixie State College. Icelyn is 12 and is in seventh grade this year. She has always loved school and is an excellent student. She enjoys reading, drawing and making things in the kitchen. Xanthan is 10 and is in fifth grade this year. He loves to play outdoors with friends, ride his bike and fly his remote control helicopter. He participates in scouts and loves it. Soleia is 7 years old and is in second grade. She enjoys learning new things at school and playing with her friends at recess. She likes to dress up, do crafts and play with her sisters. Asacia is 6 and is in first grade this year. She is always busy, running and playing. She enjoys riding her bike, fingernail polish and playing with her dolls. Makasia is 4 years old and is in preschool. She loves to color, paint and cut things out with scissors. She likes to ride her trike, dance and Wonder Pets.