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First Day of School 2012

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I asked the kids why they were excited for school this year and here are their answers:

Icelyn started 7th grade this year. She is excited because she gets awesome teachers and she only has PE for half the school year! Xanthan started 5th grade. He is excited because 5th grade is fun. Soleia started 2nd grade. She is excited to learn new things and make new friends. Asacia started 1st grade. She is excited because she gets to stay all day and eat school lunch.


We had so much fun at the movie in the park watching Rio. We even won a prize: a free pizza! The kids loved dancing and doing the Macarena. Water balloons and balloon animals were also a highlight of the night!

More Swimming!

Like I said, we love swimming! My friend Janice invited us to go swimming and we had a blast!

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Swimming has been our favorite past time this summer! We love to swim!

Icelyn left for 4 days of Girls Camp today! She was so excited to go, especially with all of her friends. She had to sand a hiking stick and take with her. She worked really hard on it and Dad added a few extra touches to make it special!

We celebrated Pioneer Day on July 24th. We went and watched the fireworks in town and then came home and did our sparklers. The kids had fun waving their sparklers around and spelling their names in the air.