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The Raptor Romp is the annual fundraiser that the kids’ school puts on. They sell pizza, drinks and candy and each grade puts on a dance. We look forward to this every year! Asacia’s class danced to Life is a Highway, Soleia’s class danced to Do the Twist and Xanthan’s class danced to I like to Move it Move it and Africa. They all did a wonderful job!


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The company that Aaron works for had a family day. It was at a park and they served breakfast, had golf, tennis, volleyball and a pinata for the kids! The kids LOVED this park! It had all different kinds of spinning toys to play on, and they didn’t want to leave!

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We try and make it to the Washington County Fair every year. This year we went and had a great time as usual. They had a new exhibit this year that the kids just loved. It was a sting ray booth. The kids were able to look and touch the sting rays. They also had a kaliedoscope booth that was very interesting and the kids looked through different kaliedoscopes and drew different circles with a moving exhibit. My camera battery died before I could get any pictures of them on the rides, but they all enjoyed going on the ferris wheel, big slide, roller coasters and Monster Trucks. Asacia even went on a scary ride that the others were to afraid to ride! Even though it was very hot, it was so much fun!

We took the three older kids to Aladdin at Tuacahn, and Icelyn’s friend Anna went with us. Tuacahn is an outdoor theater surrounded by the beautiful red rock of Southern Utah. We had such a great time and all the kids actually stayed awake through the whole thing! The fireworks at the end made it even more exciting!

Family Hot Dog Roast!

We love to do fun things as a family. We decided to have a hot dog roast in the back yard. Aaron had made us our own fire pit, so all we needed to do was get the rest of the supplies. The kids loved roasting their hot dogs and didn’t even mind that some were a little burnt!

Makasia's first day of preschool (Sept 4, 2012)

Makasia was so excited for her first day of preschool. She had to wait three weeks after all of her siblings had started school, which was very hard for her. Almost every single day she asked if it was her school day. I asked her why she liked going to preschool and she said “because I can play and see Teacher Jackie” (Grandma).

First Day of School 2012

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I asked the kids why they were excited for school this year and here are their answers:

Icelyn started 7th grade this year. She is excited because she gets awesome teachers and she only has PE for half the school year! Xanthan started 5th grade. He is excited because 5th grade is fun. Soleia started 2nd grade. She is excited to learn new things and make new friends. Asacia started 1st grade. She is excited because she gets to stay all day and eat school lunch.

We had so much fun at the movie in the park watching Rio. We even won a prize: a free pizza! The kids loved dancing and doing the Macarena. Water balloons and balloon animals were also a highlight of the night!

More Swimming!

Like I said, we love swimming! My friend Janice invited us to go swimming and we had a blast!

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Swimming has been our favorite past time this summer! We love to swim!